Special adhesives for industrial application, model making and do-it-yourself

AdhesionsTechnics develops and sells adhesives with outstanding qualities for industrial application, model making and do-it-yourself.

It is our mission to offer adhesives that meet our motto "klebt einfach besser" ("better bonding results") in a noticeable way.

This website describes our products in detail, offers practical advice in using the adhesives and supports you in finding a dealer.

The qualities of adhesives are primarily a result of a highly complex physical chemistry. For industrial application the result are innumberable different kinds of adhesives, which meet the specific application needs. Totally different from industrial applications is model making: almost any materials are used, but only few different adhesives, ideally one adhesive is desired.

As everyone knows the "egg laying wool milk sow" will not become true and although many attempts have been made by marketing to overrule the laws of nature: the one and only all-purpose adhesive does not exist yet. However AdhesionsTechnics is deply convinced that our productlines



fulfil a lot of the requirements of an ideal glue.

One final remark: just because it is the adhesive that keeps everything in place, do not try to save in the wrong place.